Bangles SAMBA made of stingray leather with gold-plated silver ends

The flexible, padded bangles SAMBA @a-cuckoo-moment made of stingray leather from a cuckoo moment .. have developed into a real shooting star. For many years, these army rings have become increasingly popular. They can be produced for you in an incredible 30 colors, 4 different widths and with shiny silver ends, also gold-plated. Every single bangle @a-cuckoo-moment  is made in the studio in Düsseldorf after the order ... so there are no limits to your wishes and dreams and the changing trend colors.

The bangles from a cuckoo moment , which are made from indestructible stingray leather, are a beautiful piece of jewelry that is worn across generations. The quality of the bangles is so good that they can also be inherited.

What could be nicer than being totally in love with your own bracelet. Due to its flexibility, the bracelet adapts to the wrist.

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