Lia and her ring DAIQUIRI with gemstone and sting ray leather

Lia Fallschessel, the owner and designer of a cuckoo moment has her very own style. Here on the picture she is wearing a bright red cap with huge sunglasses and one of her beloved rings DAIQUIRI from a cuckoo moment....

These rings are all designed by her. The model is mostly made of 925 sterling silver. To make sure that these rings DAIQUIRI match all trend colors of the season, she works with different large gemstones. These are cut as cabochon or as faceted cabochon. They are 23 x 20 mm in size. The rings are first covered with palladium and then rhodium-plated or gold-plated. When gold-plating, the customer can choose whether he prefers a yellow or pink gilding of at least 3 microns, 

After that the ring gets the matching stingray leather. This is how rings are created that are second to none and have a high recognition value worldwide.



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