Puretoi by Petra Dieners Launch Event

High above Düsseldorf in the Place to be Forty Four, Petra Dieners and her partners Paolo and Christina Anania, Ben Kuchenbäcker, Uwe Erensmann and Julian Franke presented the new brand PURETOI by Petra Dieners. 150 invited guests came in good spirits to the perfectly prepared event. At an early hour, there was a beautiful sunset with a view over Düsseldorf.

As always, Victor Breuer created stunning flower arrangements. These were marvelled at by all the guests.

In the Guerlain Lounge, guests could have their make-up done or just a quick touch-up, test different fragrances or have their new lipstick case engraved with their name.

All models were made up and dressed by Business Beauty Coach Sandra Brammer. They all looked stunning.

The highlight of the evening was of course the very special collection. Beautiful coats, high-cut skirts, blouses and fine cashmere jumpers were shown to us. These could also be tried on and bought. I would like to show you a few pictures of the unforgettable evening.

If you would like to have some of the beautiful collection, you can buy it in the Puretoi online shop. Here is the link https://www.puretoi.com/collections/alle-produkte?locale=en

On the 1st picture you can see me with Petra Dieners. I am wearing the tiger coat and she the tiger dress. I wear the ring Margarita with pink amethyst and the Bolero bracelet with morganites and diamonds. I have linked both for you.

Many greetings Lia 

Purtoi Onlineshop


Petra Dieners Instagram

Puretoi Instagram


Guests were:

Gabriele und Christina Hofer @HoferHome

Dr. Mariana Mintcheva

Sandro Rath

Katharina Epli

Gesa Eberl

Ingo Nommsen

DJ Schali

Sandra Brammer Beauty Coach

Sarna Roeser

Siggi Spiegelburg


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