About us

a cuckoo moment… designs unique jewellery and accessories for that quite special moment. Bracelets, shoes or a handbag, immersed in intense fashionable colours awaking a passion for luxury and destined to become “in” items and classics.

Featuring ground-breaking designs for exotic varieties of leather and skins, the collection has been continuously upgraded. Starting with ray skin, the materials used today now include ostrich leg skin leather, crocodile skin, hand-painted snake skin, including python, and combined with sterling silver or gold and genuine precious stones.

a cuckoo moment… also allows customers to realise their very own wishes down to the last detail. Almost all of the products can be individualised through the selection of gold or silver, the leather/skin, the colouring and the precious stones.

With her predilection for extraordinary designs and exotic materials, the owner Lia Fallschessel established a cuckoo moment… as a company and a brand in 2005 and has continuously expanded the collection ever since that time.

“Desirability is something quite wonderful”, Lia Fallschessel says knowingly.

a cuckoo moment… designs unique jewellery and accessories for that quite special moment. Bracelets, shoes or a handbag, immersed in intense fashionable colours awaking a passion for luxury and destined to become “in” items and classics.


a cuckoo moment… embodies particulary high levels of quality in the selection and processing of raw materials.

a cuckoo moment… products are made in Germany, Italy and Spain with the majority of articles finished in our Düsseldorf workshop. Likewise based in Düsseldorf, our internal quality control systems apply particular criteria in testing and guaranteeing the quality of the processed materials and the level of the workmanship.

We procure our precious stones primarily from India and Thailand. These two countries have risen to the top of the international precious stone trade and processing industries within the last decade. The quality of the stone polishing there is recognised internationally.

Our leather is sourced from certified dealers in Italy, Spain and South Africa. There the leather is processed, tanned, dyed and, on occasion, hand-painted.

Stingray skin

The stingray skin we use is taken from the belly section of the stingray. The centre of the stingray has a somewhat rougher structure known as the “eye”. This is smoothed down to make the resulting leather even more superior in quality. This makes it softer and thinner and easier to work.

In its roughened state it looks like one pearl of caviar beside the other. The skin is tanned before being smoothened. The varying properties of every stingray skin mean that the resultant colouring can always appear quite different following the tanning process. This enhances the unique character of this jewellery item.

The stingray is familiar to most of us as an edible fish.

Python skin

The size and thickness of the scales of Python skin varies mainly according to the sub-breed and age of the animal.

The older the snake, the broader and larger the scales, meaning they protrude somewhat more than is the case with the skins of younger specimens.

These pythons are bred in farms, while the actual skin is tanned in Italy.

Ostrich leg skin leather

The ostrich skin used for our products is taken from the leg section. We source it from ostrich farms in South Africa, Thailand and Germany.

In common with other skins, ostrich leg skin leather is tanned before being dyed. The structure of the ostrich leg skin leather has an irregular narrow and broader progression. The scales may be more or less pronounced, meaning they can either lie very flat or protrude more distinctly.

It is this property that gives this leather its character.

Crocodile skin

Crocodile skin is one of the finest and highest quality varieties of leather.

It has a very soft feel and a rectangular structure which is larger or smaller depending on the size of the crocodile. The leather from the flank section has a spiral shaped structure.

We source our crocodile skin from breeding farms.


Lia Fallschessel and the a cuckoo moment… team attach extreme importance to ensuring sustainability within the processing of our jewellery items and accessories.

We only use fair trade raw materials. The materials used are exclusively sourced from non-endangered animals (skate skin, water snake skin and ostrich leg skin leather). And the skins and hides we use are taken from exotic animals bred in farming conditions suited to the species in question.

Compliance with the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is one of the top priorities for a cuckoo moment…, and we demand that all our suppliers observe its provisions.

These breeding farms are obliged to release a portion of their captive-bred animals into the wild so as to ensure the survival of certain species.