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Buy designer earrings with stingray leather online

It is our daily endeavor to design the most beautiful pieces of jewelry for you and share them with you. At you can order unique earrings online, which are great on their own, but you can also combine them perfectly. You want to order a pair of expressive earrings online, which give your outfit that special something? We are especially fond of extraordinary earrings, ear studs and earclips. Fortunately there are enough occasions! Whether you want to wear enchanting statement earrings, creole earrings, chandelier earrings or just plug earrings in your favorite color for a wedding, a ball, a visit to the opera or just to meet your best friends: In the a cuckoo moment... assortment you will surely find what you are looking for. Find also practical alternatives to the earring as earrings or ear studs. One thing they have in common... all of them are made of our favorite stingray leather.

Beautiful earclips and plug clips 

You have never had your ears pierced, but you don't want to do without great earrings? Then take a look at our wide range of earclips As an alternative to the classic ear stud, we offer various models that are equipped with the extremely practical plug-in clip: an ingenious ear stud that is held by a spring-loaded clip - gentle to the earlobe and easy to use.

Precious drop earrings and statement earrings with gemstones

Our focus in our collections is on silver earrings with real gemstones and stingray leather in 30 colors. You will find here mainly silver earrings, so ear studs or clips, but also lovers of gemstone earrings will get their money's worth. For the gemstones we use not only smoky quartz, rose quartz, amethysts, lemon quartz, carnelian, onyx, star sapphire, lapis lazuli, calzedon, ahat, prehnite, moonstones, but also very special stones such as blue topaz, Swiss topaz, morganite or diamonds. Our handmade earrings are of the best quality, lovingly handmade in Germany and Europe. Whether drop earrings, plug earrings, creoles, chandelier earrings or statement earrings with and without sparkling stones - our extensive assortment leaves nothing to be desired!

Chandelier earrings and creoles in bright colors

You are looking for ear jewelry in a very special color and want to order earrings in green? For every outfit our well assorted online store offers you jewelry in the matching color. So you can buy earrings in blue, green, red, pink, purple, etc. in lighter and darker shades - according to your personal taste and perfectly matching your individual look. If you don't find the right color immediately, we will gladly help you by phone.

Fantastic earrings for every occasion

We now wish you a lot of joy with a unique journey of discovery through our wonderful earring assortment through the world of a cuckoo moment...

Statement earrings for an incomparable look...