Unique exclusiv belts from a cuckoo moment...

A luxury belt for ladies will give your outfit a style upgrade in no time at all that will make it look good. Depending on your preference, you can choose ray leather, ostrich leg leather, crocodile or alligator leather, python or water snake. Let's go for the statement belt or stretch belt with hand painted python. A waist belt also makes women's hearts beat faster. We offer the It-Piece with a large and small buckle, covered or metal buckle. We also have a wraparound belt made of the most beautiful leathers in the world. Our favorite eye-catchers: the shiny belts made of stingray leather in widths of 10 - 50 cm are available in many colors and trend colors.

Women as well as men will find what they are looking for here. The belts for women and men are something very special.

Such exclusive belts are not found everywhere. If something is not available, this can also be made for the customer.

Discover your own style and find it with the special belts from a cuckoo moment... Whether extra thin or super wide, with buckle or for tying, at a cuckoo moment... you will find exclusive belts.

Curvy instead of skinny.

Female curves are as popular in fashion as they are in fashion. The looks of the hour are mainly based on the hourglass silhouette. What makes it so special? A narrow center. Thanks to the waist belt - the new must-have accessory sets the trend sensationally well in scene.

Center Stage: the waist in the leading role

Proportion professionals know: When it comes to styling, it's all about the golden mean. The waist - located between the chest and hips - is not only the narrowest part of the body, it is also responsible for the attractiveness and effect of women on men. In the beauty check, the waist-hip ratio is crucial. According to a study, a value of 0.7 is the best measure. Before you pull out the measuring tape and start the computer: Just by emphasizing the waist with a belt, you can get a lot out of it visually. A figure wonder that shapes and feminizes

Waist belts steer with speed to the top of the trend

Whether extra thin or super wide, for tying or closing, with clasps, buckles, bows or studs - the hip accessory trumps with its variety of offers. So there is the right stylistic device for every style, type and taste to bring your figure into shape. A lace-up belt (the bodice look is mega-in!) enhances colorful maxi dresses and also classic blazers in a trendy way. But even simple shirts, shirt-blouses and sweaters move into the new focus with belts (the waist). This goes tone-in-tone, but also contrasts (in color or material) revolutionize every look. Great, great, waist belts!

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